SuperHanger XL Hangers are made in the USA from heavy duty recycled plastic
Textured Geometric Design Measuring 20 " L x " W. The large garment hangers prevents wrinkles, retains the shape of clothes, preserves garments, prevents apparel from slipping to the floor. Fits in standard closets. Accommodates all sizes of clothing, costumes, choir robes, bulky uniforms, tactical gear, linens, quilts, sweaters (although we suggest not using sweater hangers for sweater storage), jackets and coats.
Strong & Durable Sustains over 10lbs of weight. That's one heavy duty hanger! Supports many accessories, multiple items, heavy gowns, sports gear, safety uniforms, bullet proof vests, military apparel, chaps and leathers, vestments, safety and rescue gear, and more.
Multi-Use/Space Saver Great air circulation for quick hang dry. Gain more space, by consolidating garments and accessories, hang blankets and linens, etc. Save time and money with less ironing and less trips to the dry cleaner. Custom hangers are a great fundraiser and marketing tool.
Recycled Material Recycled durable plastic (Polypropylene), unlimited colors, including pearls, simulated textures, i.e. marble, wood, granite, etc.
Display Enhancer A key component to unique retail personality and design; visible realistic sizing, displaying the design and logo more accurately.
Private Label/Custom Hangers Advertising specialty item. Large eye-catching branding location. Image area measuring 1 ⅛" H  X  3 " W. Convey a message, use your logo. Custom colors and simulated textures available. Private Label - Contact us!
Made in the USA Manufactured in California. Fast turnaround time for custom orders and replenishing clothes hanger stock.

The primary motive for inventing The Original SuperHanger was to prevent those bumps from developing on each shoulder from standard clothes hangers. Our world is much bigger now. We grow and change just like technology, traditions, behaviors, lifestyles, and fashions, so why not improve the size, design, and strength of a garment hanger? Imagine: less wrinkles, less ironing, obtaining more space, preserving your clothes, protecting your investment, saving time and money . . . That's what will happen when you use The Original SuperHanger.

The Original Superhanger is a cost effective and practical device with multiple benefits. Billions of dollars are spent on new fashions each year. Proper care is essential for preservation and needed to protect and safeguard your investments. Give your wardrobe the attention it deserves.

NBC, Today's Show - The Original SuperHanger was one of the products featured - The Plus-Size, XL hanger and XXL hanger market is finally getting recognition! The topic was: Products To Make Living Large Easier.

TIME magazine, recognized the mass market and had a 4 page article called: How To Sell XXXL. Marshal Cohen, an analyst at NPD Fashionworld, estimates that the retail market for plus-size apparel is worth $17 billion and accounts for 20% of the total women's clothing sales. A quote - "Retailers that take this segment of the market and bring it front and center are the ones who will succeed".

FORTUNE magazine, featured article: Plus-Size Prospects, explaining how products are needed for the mass market.