SuperHanger XL Hangers are made in the USA from heavy duty recycled plastic


This multipurpose design makes The Original SuperHanger an effective full size clothes hanger. It offers value, strength, versatility, and a design that prevents garments from wrinkling and slipping to the floor.

With specific dimensions and construction, our strong heavy duty hangers accommodate the mass market. This well structured hanger will hang your heaviest items, retain the shape of garments, preserve clothing, and hang dry clothes quickly. You will gain more space by hanging multiple items on one SuperHanger.

Save time and money by eliminating needless chores such as ironing, laundry, and pointless trips to the dry cleaners. Refresh your garments by re-hanging your clothes after one wearing. This extra large clothes hanger can also be customized, so you can have personalized hangers made to order.

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Size matters when it comes to proper care for clothing, preserving garments and hanging items wrinkle free. Measuring 20 " in length and " in width, the SuperHanger fits in standard closets, locker rooms, motorhomes, and carry-on luggage, but it really is one big hanger!

This strong hanger is ideal for larger sizes and a wide array of clothing, gear, linens, textiles and accessories. The cross bar has sufficient length and width so clothes will hang gracefully and smooth.

When items are hung evenly on the right size hangers, garments will last longer, wrinkles and creases are minimized, and you will protect your investment. Both heavy weight clothing and light weight clothing need care. This broad shoulderered, heavy duty hanger will help preserve fabric, and hold value in that item when hung properly.

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The Original SuperHanger is made from durable, long lasting, recycled plastic called polypropylene. It has a reinforced hook with remarkable strength capable of supporting multiple heavy items.

This heavy duty hanger supports over 10 pounds of weight. Whether a heavy overcoat, complete hockey uniform, bulky costume, or a quilt, this extra strong clothes hanger will maintain the shape of the item and support the weight. When items are hung properly and evenly, this big hanger will not snap and is considered to be unbreakable with normal use.

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