SuperHanger XL Hangers are made in the USA from heavy duty recycled plastic

Quilt Hangers From The Original SuperHanger - Size Matters!

Size Matters when it comes to quilting hangers for quilt preservation and storage

Quilt Hanger Size

Measuring 20 ½" in length and ¾" in width, The Original SuperHanger fits comfortably in standard closets, yet is much larger and accommodating than typical hangers. The SuperHanger’s cross bar has sufficient length and width to accommodate large quilting items. Quilts and textiles should be evenly distributed over the entire length of the crossbar to maximize fabric and fiber longevity.

Quilt Hanger Design

The Original SuperHanger design offers strength, value and versatility. The shape allows sufficient air circulation for fabric to breathe when hung. It also helps to preserve the fibers and prevents wrinkles and creases.

Quilt Hanger Strength

The SuperHanger’s durable, reinforced hook has remarkable strength capable of supporting quilts and quilting accessories of substantial weight. The strengthened hook comfortably holds 10 pounds of weight – making the SuperHanger an ideal quilting hanger. Molded from heavy-duty recycled plastic called polypropylene, The Original SuperHanger is long-lasting, better for the environment, and most importantly, won’t bleed colors into or otherwise damage precious heirloom quilts.

Geometric Design Fits in standard closets. It’s practical. Has multi-purpose.
Measures 20 ½” L x ¾” W Ample air circulation. Preserves fabric. Prevents creases.
Strong & Durable Reinforced hook. Supports heavy items. Holds 10lbs of weight.
Display Enhancer Trade shows. POS (point of sale). Large Eye-catching style.
Private Label Sizable branding location, measuring 1 1/8” H X 3 ¾” W. Custom colors and simulated textures. Personalized packaging.
Recycled Plastic Eco-friendly. Durable Polypropylene.
Made in the USA Creates jobs for our county. Fast turnaround time for custom orders and replenishing stock.

The Advantages of Using The Original SuperHanger
for Your Quilting Needs

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