SuperHanger XL Hangers are made in the USA from heavy duty recycled plastic

Robe Hangers and Costume Hangers From The Original SuperHanger - Size Matters!

Our heavy duty hangers are the perfect match for robe and costume preservation and storage

Great Robe Hangers

Hang robes smoothly while preventing creases and wrinkles. The remarkable strength and structure of the SuperHanger allows you to hang your heaviest items, providing strength, preservation and longevity to all the items hung.

Whether it be a V-neck classic style, round collar styles, standing collar style, choral cassock style, this strong robe hanger will hang your robes and accessories smoothly, without items falling off to the floor.

An Oversized Robe and Costume Hanger

This heavy duty broad shouldered robe hanger is one of the strongest vestment and robe hangers available. This unique design of the SuperHanger provides a natural shoulder shape that will help to retain the shape of robes of many styles and preserves the fibers in the material. This robe hanger is ideal for hanging chasubles, albs, vestments, veils, stoles, as well as larger-sized cassocks and surplices.

Measuring 20 ˝ inches long and 3/4 inch wide, this extra large, heavy duty hanger is a great costume hanger and robe hanger. The SuperHanger will support your heaviest winter-weight chasubles and other heavy bulky items. Keep a complete set of wearable’s all together on one SuperHanger. Putting together a group of wears and accessories by hanging them together would save space, keep outfits organized, and eliminates the chore of ironing and it works as a nature airing system.

The Advantages of Using The Original SuperHanger for Robes and Costumes