SuperHanger XL Hangers are made in the USA from heavy duty recycled plastic

FOLD, HANG, and STORE your quilts and textiles on The Original SuperHanger!

Hang Your Quilt, Don't Fold!

Quilt hangers are an excellent alternative to folding and storing quilts on a shelf or in a container for the following reasons:

Shelf Storage

More folds – more pressure – more stress points, more maintenance, less ventilation, heavy pressure at stress points and from one fold on top of the other, more areas are weakened.

SuperHanger Storage

Less folds – less pressure – less stress points – less maintenance, more ventilation, slightest pressure at stress points, less areas are weakened and more areas are protected.

Keep in mind the limited space you have to work with storing your quilt on a shelf. Trying to continually think of new ways to re-fold your quilt yet keeping it in the same small area, is not easy. Space seems to be the most valuable thing to have when considering the best method to care for your quilts.

Quilt Trade Show Display

Quilts can be easily displayed and viewed nicely on The Original Superhanger. Trade shows are notorious for limited space and restrictions. The quilt hanger’s crossbar measures a whopping 19 ½ inches long x ¾ inches wide. The extra size and generous width provides a huge advantage over standard hangers – enabling you to expose large visual sections of the quilt for easy viewing in cramped display booths.

More Quilting Resources

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